Website of the Tibet Intergroup of the European Parliament:

Within the European Parliament, the Intergroup for Tibet was founded Michel Hervé (French member of the EP) in 1989 to fulfill three main objectives: creating opportunities for informal discussion amongst MEPs who were interested in the situation in Tibet; providing information on the subject for their colleagues and the public in general and encouraging various form of political actions. The current members of the Intergoup are:

  • Mr. Thomas Mann (President)
  • Ms. Ulla Sandbaek, Ms. Marieke Sander Ten Holte, Mr. Reinhold Messner (Vice Presidents)
  • Ms. Nuala Ahern, Mr. Ole Andreasen, Mr. Baastian Belder, Mr. Bob van den Bos, Mr. David Robert Bowe, Mr. John Bowis, Mr. Martin Callanan, Mr. Gerard Collins, Mr. Olivier Dupuis, Mr. Per Gahrton, Ms. Cristina Garcia-Orcoyen Tormo, Ms. Lissy Gröner, Ms. Elisabeth Jeggle, Ms. Anna Karamanou, Mr. Othmar Karas, Ms. Jean Lambert, Ms. Elizabeth Lynne, Ms. Maria Martens, Mr. Erik Meijer, Mr. Bill Newton-Dunn, Mr. Paolo Pastorelli, Mr. Alexander de Roo, Mr. Lennart Sacredeus, Mr. Francesco-Enrico Speroni, Mr. Fodé Sylla, Mr. Rainer Wieland, Ms. Sabine Zissener
    The Intergroup for Tibet holds meetings once a month in Strasbourg during the European Parliamentary session. During these monthly meetings, expert on Tibet are invited to brief the MEPs on various aspects.