Amnesty International announced on December 17 that it had created a new website to highlight the case of 14 Tibetan nuns imprisoned in Drapchi prison in Lhasa.

The website designed by members of Amnesty International Group 133 and Forefront, spotlights the case of the prisoners collectively as the Drapchi 14. The Drapchi 14 were jailed by the Chinese Government for advocating Tibetan Independence. The site gives background information and dozens of ways for visitors to take action on the nuns’ cases.

“The new site is brilliant,” said Dan King, Team Coordinator for Amnesty International Group 133. “It loads quickly, it’s easy to read and to navigate and educates the user to take action for Tibet.”

“We wanted a site that would move people as well as motivate them. That is why we put MP3 files of the nuns singing from prison on the site as well as the addresses of Chinese officials.” said Eric Leland of Leland Design, one of the primary site designers.

Forefront is a membership network of nearly 60 leading grassroots human rights activists working in 30 different countries supporting and strengthening the work of grassroots human rights defenders by providing them with technical assistance, technology, networking and advocacy tools.

Amnesty International Group 133 is one of 1,500 Amnesty groups in the US, providing opportunities for human rights activism to concerned individuals in the Greater Boston area. The Group currently focuses on human rights issues in China/Tibet, Colombia, advocates on behalf of refugees, and work in opposition to the death penalty.

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