EESCThe European Economic and Social Committee’s President, Henri Malosse, was a special Guest and speaker at the ceremony of the 55th anniversary of the Tibet uprising that took place today in Dharamsala (India). As the only president of the European Union to visit the government of Tibet in exile, he wanted to pay tribute to the victims of the repression in Tibet and through them to all the people deprived of liberty in China and everywhere in the world.

“The Tibet question is universal”, said Henri Malosse from the stage, “it is a question of liberty, democracy and solidarity, which are the values at the foundation of the European Union”. As such, Europe has these values as a legacy and must defend them everywhere they are in danger in order to find a sustainable solution. Thus, support must be brought to the Middle way approach of Tibetans – Umaylam – and to the dialogue with China. It is the same approach that claims for a European involvement in the recent events in Crimea, not by following the other actors such as Russians or Americans, but by being more coherent and imposing dialogue between all the stakeholders. These thoughts were shared by the delegation of EESC members: Anne-Marie Sigmund, Madi Sharma and Tomasz Jasiński.

The EESC’s president praised the will of the Tibetan community in exile expressed through their level of organisation, democratic structures, and civil society’s commitment such as its active chamber of commerce. The Tibetan people have thus shown the strength of a people fighting for its dignity for more than half a century. Even if the road seems endless for Tibetans, the solution unexpectedly can be closer than it seems, such as was the case of the iron curtain in Europe even if Europeans are still struggling to prevent its return. “The Dalai Lama spoke about what is “beyond religion” such as ethics and a universal approach”, said Henri Malosse. “I will underline that we have to look for what exists “beyond empires” in politics to find a sustainable way of living together for the well-being of all peoples.”

Henri Malosse finished his intervention by quoting the Dalai Lama “I hope that the 21st century will be a century of peace, a century of dialogue, a century when a more caring, responsible and compassionate humanity will emerge”.

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