These two images show the location of Gutsa (Lhasa Public Security Bureau Detention Center) near a sports ground and the InterContinental Hotel, the white pyramids, recently in 2018. A teahouse and other facilities are tagged in the area of the detention center. In 1993, according to an expert observer, the non-cell-block areas were likely to provide accommodation for Public Security Bureau staff and support facilities. Access to that area in 1993 was through the same gate that served the detention center and was linked by driveways to the area with the cell blocks. There was only one gate off the main road in 1993 and both areas shared it. At the detention center today, that area has a separate gate on the main road and no part of the compound is directly linked to the Public Security Bureau Detention Center area. This could mean that the new area may still be the property of the Public Security Bureau and used as an office, but with no or little relation to the detention center. (Screenshots from Google Earth by ICT)