The second issue of Liaowang Xizang is devoted to the issue of Tibet-China contact. A signed article by Zangzi analyzes the status of contact between Tibetan and Chinese representatives repudiating some of the issues raised in an article by Huazi in China’s Tibet and subsequently published in the People’s Daily. Huazi had misrepresented the Tibetan issue, including misquoting the Dalai Lama.

An article by Chinese human rights activist Harry Wu dealt with the Chinese perspective of the Tibetan issue. The author points out that the majority of Chinese people just follow what the Beijing government says on Tibet and don’t know the truth on Tibet. Wu said the Chinese people’s ignorance about the facts on Tibet is one of problems of the Tibet issue.

“It is essential that the Chinese public be aware of the reality of the Tibetan issue if the Tibetan-Chinese contact is to lead to a positive outcome,” said Rinchen Tashi, editor of Liaowang Xizang. “Our Chinese readers can comprehend the complexity of the issue through this and thus contribute towards better Tibetan-Chinese relationship,” Tashi added.

The journal also introduced the case of the missing Panchen Lama to the Chinese-speaking readers.

Another signed article by Dolkar titled “A Look At the Tibetan Issue From the SARS Case” reviewed how the Chinese government paid attention to the development concerning the SARS crisis. The author argued that a similar action is needed to be taken by the Chinese leadership on the Tibetan issue, too.

The issue contained an interview with released Tibetan political prisoner Ngawang Sangdrol concerning her experience in Chinese prison.

The journal also highlighted an officially released news, which said there is an influx of Chinese workers into Tibetan areas to seek work. A China Radio International report on March 17 said at an average between 2000 to 3000 Chinese workers have been recorded to have traveled on train from China to Gormo and then by road to the various Tibetan areas in search of employment.

Among other news items in the issue are the changes in the leadership in the Tibet Autonomous Region; the 15th anniversary celebrations of the International Campaign for Tibet; and President Bush’s report to the Congress on U.S. action to encourage negotiations on Tibet.

Liaowang Xizang continues with the reprinting of excerpts from the biography of Lobsang Tashi, a Chinese army official who defected to the Tibetan side in the late 1950s. This is from the book, “Toward to freedom —the Story of a officer from PLA joined Tibetans’ resistance movement in 50s.”