Queen Mother of Britain

The late Queen Mother of Britain.

The Dalai Lama said that he was deeply impressed and inspired by the late Queen Mother of Britain and encouraged by the concern shown by Prince Charles over the situation in Tibet. This was part of the message the Dalai Lama sent to the London-based Tibet Foundation, which is organizing a series of programs from June 1 to 16, 2002, to celebrate the Golden Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II, which falls this year.

The message said: “Due to the long-standing historical relations that exist between Britain and Tibet, the Tibetan people have always thought of Britain as a country with which they have a close connection. I myself have had great admiration for the British Royal family since I was a young boy in Tibet. I remember reading about them and seeing newsreels of various members of the family visiting and comforting people in war torn London.

“Since 1959, many Tibetans have lived happily in the United Kingdom, enjoying freedom and success. I would like to take this opportunity to express my appreciation to Her Majesty’s Government and the people of Britain for so generously giving Tibetans in Britain the chance to share in the country’s prosperity whilst allowing them to preserve their own identify and unique culture.

“During my own visits to your country I have always been received with great affection by the British people. I have also had the honour of meeting with a few members of the Royal family. His Royal Highness Prince Charles has been deeply concerned over the tragic situation in Tibet and his support has been a source of much encouragement. I shall never forget my meeting Her Majesty the Late Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother in 1996. I was deeply impressed and inspired.”

The Dalai Lama offered his “prayers for the happiness, prosperity and long life of Her Majesty and her subjects in this Golden Jubilee Year.”

The Tibet Foundation’s programs include creation of sand mandalas butter sculptures, by visiting Tibetan monks from India and Switzerland, photo exhibition, films and lectures on Tibetan medicine, religion and culture. You can visit www.tibet-foundation.org for a detailed program.