At the initiative of members of two of the ruling parties (Democrats D66 and Liberal Democrats VVD), the Dutch parliament unanimously passed a motion last week on human rights violations in Tibet and East Turkestan. The motion states that human rights in Tibet and East Turkestan are violated on a large scale and that the Olympic Games in Beijing in 2008 provide an opportunity to take action on this issue.

The motion called upon the Dutch government to inform the parliament about the actions that the government will take. Below the complete text of the motion:

House of Representatives of the States General

30 300 V: Decree of the budget of the ministry of Foreign Affairs for the year 2006

Nr. 59: Motion of the Members Lousewies van der Laan and Hans van Baalen
Proposed 24 November 2005

The House,

Hearing the deliberations,

Considering, that in Tibet and in the case of the Uyghurs human rights are being violated on a large scale, including the forced abortion and sterilizing of women without their prior knowledge;

Considering, that the Olympic Games of 2008 will be held in China, which will lead to a worldwide focus on China;

Is of the opinion, that this is the right momentum to highlight the human rights situation in Tibet and China, as well as the manner in which the business community, in it’s trade contacts with China, exhibits socially responsible business practices, and also the way in which the Dutch government can stimulate the conversion of the dialogue between the Representatives of the Dalai Lama and China into substantive negotiations;

Requests, that the government send a notification to the House in which these matters are discussed;

And proceeds to the order of the day.

Van der Laan
Van Baalen