Tibet self-immolation fact sheet

Learn more about the self-immolations that have occurred since 2009.
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Government statements on Tibet immolations and crisis at Kirti Monastery

Governments from around the world are speaking out about the situation in Tibet.
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Tibet Outside the TAR: context on eastern Tibet

ICT is making available for download a survey of several of the eastern Tibetan areas where resistance and repression have been most intense over the past few weeks. The reports included below are extracted from the CD-Rom Tibet Outside the Tibet Autonomous Region (TAR) by Steven D Marshall and Dr Susette Cooke, and made available with their kind permission.
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ICT Briefing Papers

To provide context to the current crackdown and life inside Tibet, ICT created a series of briefings on topics ranging from the spring uprising to the crucial nature of Tibet’s environment. These briefing papers are intended to provide insight into several key areas that affect life on the plateau which has shaped its past and will determine its future.

ICT’s 2006 Campaign Snapshots