ABCPublished online October 9, 2012 by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.
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ABC videoAustralian broadcasters filmed inside Tibet for a news documentary featuring Tibetans speaking about the self-immolations as Chinese officials blame the Dalai Lama. The broadcast and transcript by ABC can be viewed here »

A Tibetan woman whose identity is disguised tells the journalists:
“People self-immolating – yes, I’ve heard of it. They forced those people to die. There is something wrong with the Communist Party and this country. […] The reason they committed suicide is that the monasteries have lots of difficulties in this country. We don’t have any rights, even the right of speech. They tell us exactly what we have to say. If we speak the truth, they will arrest us and beat us to death.”

Chinese officials are filmed by the journalists following them in Labrang (Xiahe) and other areas.

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