As we all reflect on the results of one of the most consequential presidential elections in US history, we want to reassure you that at the International Campaign for Tibet, we are busy assessing the changes and challenges ahead.

While international issues and the respect of human rights were not central during the presidential campaign, the issue of Tibet and the protection of its unique cultural, religious and political identity is overwhelmingly supported by millions of people both at home and abroad, despite China’s far-reaching efforts to silence Tibetans. ICT is dedicated and committed to making sure that the next administration and Congress will continue to keep Tibet high on their agenda.

Your support gives us strength, and we will continue to work hard with passion and resolve to challenge China’s oppressive policies in Tibet through institutions in the US and around the world.

The International Campaign for Tibet has worked since its founding in 1988 with every US administration, and later in Europe, to promote Tibetans’ human rights and democratic freedoms. We are proud of the strong, bipartisan support offered over the last four decades to the Tibetan people and to their spiritual leader His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama.

We will continue to stand for truth and against violence, for tolerance and against intolerance, and for the values of compassion and peace that are integral to Tibetan culture. Their promotion benefits not only Tibetans, but all of us and our societies.

At a time of uncertainty and division, we are fortunate to count on the moral guidance and vision of His Holiness the Dalai Lama as an advocate for a world where interreligious dialogue, the promotion of secular ethics, and the protection of Tibetan culture and environment will be a reality.

As we stand up for these goals, we thank you for your passionate support, and ask that you continue to stand strong with the International Campaign for Tibet.

With much appreciation,
Matteo Mecacci
Matteo Mecacci