At a memorial service for Gyaltsen Gyaltag, member of the ICT Europe Board, held in Zurich on February 23, ICT Europe Director Tsering Jampa presented the following letter of condolence to Gyaltag’s family.

All of us at the International Campaign for Tibet offer our heartfelt condolences to the Gyaltag family. The untimely passing away of Gyaltsen Gyaltag came as great schock for all of us. When ICT Europe was established in Amsterdam, Gyaltsen Gyaltag readily extended his full cooperation and joined as a board member. He had been instrumental in guiding us through in our work to strengthen support for Tibet in Europe.

His consistent commitment to the cause of freedom and democracy for the Tibetan people, despite personal sacrifices he had to make, is a source of encouragement and inspiration to all of us. Those of us who had the chance to work with him admire his sense of dedication to the welfare of the Tibetan people.

He was a generous man who touched those around him with profoundly felt gesture of kindness and genuine interest in his fellow human being. Above all, through personal interaction he remains a great inspiration to those who came across him directly or indirectly.

Gyaltsen Gyaltag was and remains for all of us a unique person and we shall miss his wonderful blend of humanity and outstanding leadership.

John Ackerly, President of ICT
Tsering Jampa, Director, ICT-Europe