Tibetan Youth Leadership

Students from the Second Annual Tibetan Youth Leadership Program

ICT Europe will hold the inaugural Tibetan Youth Leadership Program in Brussels, Belgium, from 4 July – 9 July 2003. Designed for young Tibetans in Europe, this exciting program will see experts from around the world encourage and train young Tibetans to take leadership positions within the Tibetan community.

Since 2001, the International Campaign for Tibet (ICT) has twice run an intensive training program for Tibetan youth in the United States. This successful program has been designed to encourage and train young Tibetans to take leadership positions within the Tibetan community. It has provided participants with the opportunity to build professional and social networks, enhance their skills and to become familiar with important institutions and leaders.

In July 2003, this program will take place for the first time in Europe. The comprehensive program aims to equip participants with the necessary knowledge and skills to empower them in their work for the Tibetan cause. It will nurture young Tibetans to act now and in the future, converting their energy and convictions into a powerful force for change and activism.

The Tibetan Youth Leadership Program, Europe 2003 will be held in Brussels, Belgium, from Friday 4 – Wednesday 9 July 2003. The intensive four-day program will consist of workshops, discussions, and media and public-speaker training. Participants will learn directly from experts in the fields of international law, Tibetan history and Tibet activism. They will be exposed to important issues including the right to self-determination, non-violence, democracy and China’s perspective of Tibet. The program will have a particular emphasis on effectively campaigning the European Union and the United Nations. Participants will therefore also be taught key campaigning techniques including public speaking, media relations and lobbying. English will be the medium of instruction. The four-day program will coincide with His Holiness’ 68th Birthday celebrations.

All Tibetans in Europe aged between 17 – 27 years are eligible to apply for the program. The final number of participants is envisaged between 10 – 15 people, ideally representing a cross-section of the European Tibetan community. Applicants will be required to provide details of their educational and community service background in a brief CV and to complete a short questionnaire. Full details of the application process and the questionnaire can be downloaded from this website (see below). Participants will be chosen based on the content and caliber of the information they provide. All applications must be received by Wednesday 16 April 2003.

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Susan Mizrahi, Program Coordinator, ICT-Europe, +31 (0) 20 3308265
Dechen Pemba, Program Coordinator, ICT-Germany, + 49 (0) 30 27879086


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