50 For TibetFour dedicated and adventurous ICT members from Colorado are climbing the highest point in each of the U.S. fifty states to raise awareness and funds for Tibet.

John Jancik, a member of ICT’s Rowell Fund advisory board, proposed the campaign last year during the Dalai Lama’s visit to Washington, DC His vision was developed by his family and team, Terri Baker, David Baker and Jennifer Pauley, and they have created Team Highpoint and 50 For Tibet to channel their passion for mountain climbing and make a real difference for Tibetans. All have climbing experience, but have never tried something as sustained and challenging as this year-long campaign.

They will start on June 15, 2006 by climbing Mt. Whitney (14,495 ft.) in California, and plan to finish a year later on the summit of Alaska’s Mt. Denali (20,320 ft.). In between they will maintain an impressive momentum, climbing at least one mountain per week, in all corners of the US.

You can be a part of this inspiring volunteer effort by sponsoring the climbers and helping generate awareness in your area.

If you pledge just $2 per peak, that will raise $100 for this volunteer initiative. 100″ of donations go to the Rowell Fund for Tibet, an ICT program that gives small grants to Tibetans in India, Nepal, Tibet and elsewhere. (The team is covering all of their expenses out of their own pockets.)