Hu Jintao and Barack Obama

The US-China summit is a critical opportunity for President Obama to press President Hu for a resolution on Tibet, where tensions between Chinese and Tibetans have led to a dangerous cycle of unrest, confrontation, and repression.

President Obama has demonstrated his support for the Dalai Lama and his Middle Way approach, which seeks genuine autonomy for Tibetans within the People’s Republic of China. Only Hu has the authority to set a new policy for Tibet that acknowledges and addresses the injustices, inequities and the inequality between Chinese and Tibetans. This is what the Tibetan people want.

This summit is the right time and the right place to tackle Tibet. We ask President Obama to secure a commitment from President Hu on the immediate resumption of the dialogue between Chinese officials and the Dalai Lama’s representatives so that a solution for Tibet can be agreed upon, and Tibetans and Chinese can live together in peace and prosperity.

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