On Tuesday 23 April, the Executive Director of ICT Europe, Ms. Tsering Jampa, testified before the Dutch Parliament’s Foreign Affairs Committee on the current situation in Tibet. The hearing on Human Rights in China was called for parliamentarians to gather information and perspectives from Dutch civil society ahead of a General Debate in the Parliament with the Dutch Prime Minister on 13 May.

Ms. Jampa spoke on the root causes of the current crisis in Tibet and the need for a political solution to the political issue of Tibet. ICT was joined by Amnesty Netherlands, a minority rights specialist from the UNPO and the former Dutch ambassador to Beijing.

On Monday 22 April, in a letter to the Praesidium of the Parliament, the Green-Left called for the Dalai Lama to be invited to the Dutch Parliament if the EU and Dutch government failed to support calls for the Dalai Lama to be invited to Brussels to brief EU leaders. There is thought to be a broad support for the proposal amongst the leading parties in the Praesidium.