Tibetan Youth Leadership Program

2003 Tibetan Youth Leadership Program participants at the European Parliament in Brussels.

ICT-Europe will hold the fifth Tibetan Youth Leadership Program in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, from 9-14 December 2005. This is the second time ICT-Europe has hosted this exciting leadership program, which is specifically designed for young Tibetans in Europe and which brings them together with experts who will train them to take leadership positions within the Tibetan community.

This program aims to nurture youth leaders who will not only become the leaders of the Tibetan community in the future, but who will also act now to convert their energy and convictions about issues affecting Tibet into a powerful force for activism and change. Through workshops, discussions, and hands-on activities, participants will be taught the art of leadership. The training will be specifically geared to meet the need of the Tibetan community for a core group of young, articulate Tibetan leaders.

Since 2001, the International Campaign for Tibet (ICT) has run an intensive training program for Tibetan youth in the United States and in 2003 ICT Europe held its inaugural training program for young Tibetans living in Europe. These programs have provided participants with the opportunity to build professional and social networks, enhance their skills and to become familiar with important institutions and leaders.

The Tibetan Youth Leadership Program, Europe 2005 will be held in Amsterdam, The Netherlands and the intensive four-day program will consist of workshops, discussions, and media and public-speaker training. Participants will learn directly from experts in the fields of international law, Tibetan history and Tibet activism. They will be exposed to important issues including the right to self-determination, non-violence, democracy, development in Tibet and China?s perspective of Tibet. The program will have a particular emphasis on effectively campaigning the European Union and the United Nations. Participants will therefore also be taught key campaigning techniques including public speaking, media relations and lobbying.