Lalit Mansingh

Lalit Mansingh

The Indian Ambassador to the United States, Lalit Mansingh, said on June 2, 2002, that the Dalai Lama has contributed greatly to the contemporary promotion of the message of Buddha and that India was proud to have him as its guest.

Speaking at a function to celebrate the holy event of Vesak at his residence, Ambassador Mansingh talked about following the Buddha’s message of confronting hatred with love and not with hatred.

He said he was pleased to see the Representative of H.H. the Dalai Lama, Kasur Lodi Gyari, and other Tibetans who were invited to the function.

The function began with Tibetan Buddhist chants led by Ven. Pema Dorjee and Gyaltsen Choephel of Nechung Monastery and Khenpo Tsewang Gyatso from Namdoling Monastery.

The Ambassador also talked about the contribution of Baba Ambedkar to the revival of Buddhism in India.

Since assuming his post in Washington, D.C., Ambassador Mansingh has hosted receptions on important festivals that have religious base in India. In the past he has celebrated Christian, Jain and Muslim festivals.

The function also included prayers by Theravada monks and performance of songs and dances on the Buddha’s life.