Writer Arun KR Shrivastav, an editor for one of Nepal’s most popular English-language newspapers, writes boldly about the need for Nepal to develop a position independent to China’s and in the nation’s interests on the Tibet question. Arun KR Shrivastav’s article, published in the influential Nepalese newspaper Republica on January 2, can be read in full on MyRepublica.com.

KR Shrivastav comments on the postponed visit of Chinese Prime Minister Wen Jiabao in December (2011), saying that it was “the last masterstroke by the outgoing leadership in China to link its relations with Nepal firmly and solely with the Tibet issue”.

The article is unusual because there is strong pressure on some elements of Nepal’s media to publish articles that are sympathetic to Beijing’s line in its portrayal of Tibetans in Nepal. In contrast, KR Shrivastav calls for Nepal to take a call on Tibet “based on conscience and interests of the nation” as opposed to the Chinese authorities’ diktats. He writes: The Chinese policymakers have failed to learn from the Tibetan culture and worldview. They have rather tried to obliterate it altogether. There is where China needs to amend its course. China should realize that finding a solution to the Tibet issue is crucial to its relations with Nepal because it affects Nepal like no other country.”

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