European Voice logoPublished online September 20, 2013 by the European Voice.
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Lithuania has repaid the Dalai Lama for his support during the last days of the Soviet Union, by resisting Chinese arm-twisting

If I were the Chinese Communist Party, I’d think twice before picking a fight with Lithuania. The pro-independence leadership in Vilnius, armed with nothing more than stubbornness and clear-sightedness, exposed the arrogant, brutal and mendacious approach of Mikhail Gorbachev’s Kremlin, and inspired captive peoples and nations throughout the evil empire, speeding its end.

Most outsiders told the Lithuanians that they were rash, unrealistic and even outright dangerous, especially after 11 March 1990, when the parliament issued a declaration restoring pre-war independence: how could a country of 3.7 million take on a nuclear superpower?

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