ICT Vice President Bhuchung K. Tsering reading the message from Chairman Richard Gere at the rally in New York.

Tashi delek dear Tibetan brothers and sisters. As I write to you today, we have just concluded a successful visit to Capitol Hill and our year-end meetings of the Boards of Directors from the United States and Europe. I am sorry I cannot join your gathering in New York today but would like to express my solidarity at this critical time in Tibetan history.

Your rally is timely as the situation in Tibet is both dire and rapidly evolving. Following this recent visit to Washington, I can assure you there are many different people, from many communities throughout the world who care deeply about Tibet and have come together in their work to do whatever they can to help address the situation.

It is my great hope that our community can also come together to support one another and support Tibetans in Tibet. At a time that the world is filled with violence, hatred and division, let us be united in our nonviolent struggle to fulfill the vision of His Holiness the Dalai Lama and honor the voice of Tibetans in Tibet.

We at the International Campaign for Tibet remain committed to being proactive in our collective efforts throughout the world to- not only support but resolve the Tibetan issue and bring about change in Tibet. In this light and in solidarity with you all today, let us all come together as one and be united as we do everything we can to help make the situation in Tibet better.

Thank you all. Tashi Delek.