With opening words by the Chairman of ICT’s Board Richard Gere, “Tibet: Beyond Fear” documents the remarkable courage of Ngawang Sangdrol, a 13-year-old Buddhist Nun and Bagdro, a 20-year-old Buddhist monk who participate in demonstrations against the Chinese authorities in Tibet and in support of the Dalai Lama’s return. Following a brutal military crackdown on the demonstrators, Ngawang and Bagdro are arrested and endure horrific torture until a global movement involving campaigns by Amnesty International and the International Campaign for Tibet culminates in their release. Through the power of a positive mind and inspired by the Dalai Lama, Bagdro and Nawang forgive their former torturers as they find a way to live beyond fear.

Written, produced and directed by Michael Perlman, “Tibet: Beyond Fear” is released during a time of mass protests throughout Tibet and global demonstrations in support of the Tibetan cause. The film has already been aired by television stations in Europe and will soon be screened throughout the United States. A clip of the documentary, along with details on how to order a copy on DVD, are available from World2Be.