Ragdi and Lekchog have been re-elected as heads of the Tibet Autonomous Region (TAR) Regional People’s Congress and the TAR Government respectively, the Chinese government announced on January 17, 2003.

The top three Tibetan leaders in Lhasa – Ragdi, Lekchog, and Phakpalha Gelek Namgyal – have retained their positions. Guo Jinlong, an ethnic Chinese, holds the fourth and the most important position in the TAR: the First Secretary of the Regional Communist Party.

In the TAR Government, out of the 12 vice chairmen, five are Chinese. Among the new faces at the vice chairman level are Lobsang Gyaltsen, Lhasa mayor, Chakra Lobsang Tenzin, deputy mayor of Lhasa City, and Pema Thinley, head of the Lhoka Prefecture government is another vice chairmen.