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The Rowell Fund for Tibet seeks to support Tibetans who can make a significant contribution to their community and/or an international audience in the fields of visual arts and media, and environmental and women’s rights.

Grants applications are invited from Tibetans for the Rowell Fund for Tibet’s 2017-18 grant cycle for projects that focus on the following themes:

  • Environment/Conservation;
  • Photography;
  • Humanitarian Projects;
  • Journalism/Literature; or
  • Women’s projects.

The application form is now available for download. Application materials will be accepted between September 1, 2017 and October 15, 2017 (midnight Eastern Standard Time).

The Rowell Fund for Tibet was established in memory of late Galen and Barbara Rowell, who were longtime friends of the Tibetan people. Galen and Barbara cooperated with His Holiness the Dalai Lama to produce My Tibet, a touching book that captured the natural essence of Tibet. Their love and passion for photography and writing introduced the beauty of Tibet and its threatened ecosystem and culture to countless people around the globe. Following their tragic passing, ICT’s Board of Directors, along with family and friends of the Rowells, established the Rowell Fund for Tibet to help empower Tibetans and to honor and perpetuate the goals and ideals of Galen and Barbara in the Tibetan community. The areas of focus for the grant are issues that were of importance to the late Galen and Barbara Rowell.

Please see below for the application, additional information, eligibility requirements, and grant guidelines.

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Application Instructions

Rowell Fund Themes

Your written project proposal should detail how the project relates to your chosen theme.

  • Environment/Conservation
  • Photography
  • Humanitarian Projects
  • Journalism/Literature
  • Women’s projects

Film projects are considered but they must focus on one or more of the above themes.

How to Apply

You must complete the following three parts of the application in order to be considered for a grant by the Rowell Fund Advisory Board. The application may be submitted in English, Tibetan or Chinese.

PART A: Completed application form
The application form can be downloaded as a PDF here.
Please be sure to read the instructions at the top of the application form.

PART B: Written project proposal
Submit a written project proposal of no more than 500 words in English or Chinese or 1000 words in Tibetan. The proposal should be a separate document from the application form and be double-spaced.

PART C: Detailed budget proposal
Submit a budget that is no more than one page detailing the specifics on how you plan to use the grant funds. The maximum amount of a Rowell Fund grant is US$7,500.


Tibetans from any country are eligible to apply. Tibetans working for organizations may apply on behalf of the organization provided that the applicant is central to the implementation of the project’s work. Non-Tibetans are ineligible for grants from the Rowell Fund for Tibet.

Submitting Applications

You may submit your application via email or regular postal mail.

By email
Send all three parts of your application in one email either in the body of the email or as an attachment to: [email protected]

By postal mail
Please do not staple your application pages together; use paper clips. Send the completed application to:

Rowell Fund for Tibet
c/o The International Campaign for Tibet
1825 Jefferson Place, NW
Washington, D.C. 20036 U.S.A.
When to Apply

Applications must be received between September 1, 2017 and October 105, 2017. Applications will be accepted until midnight eastern standard time on October 15, 2017. Applications submitted during other times of the year cannot be considered and will not be returned. All applications received during the grant window will be acknowledged via email within 7 days of receipt.

Confidentiality / Anonymity

For projects based inside Tibet, if you would like your information to be confidential please indicate as such on the application form and include an intermediary with whom we can be in contact with regarding your application. Please remember that we cannot guarantee the security of email and there is an inherent risk in sending applications via email. If this is a concern for you either send via postal mail or use an intermediary.

Grant Selection, Notification and Reporting Timeline

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Applications sent to Advisory Board:
Review and voting by Advisory Board:
Distribution of grant funds:
Mid-Year report from grant recipient:
Final grant report due:


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