Mandala Society

The Mandala Society is a special group of thoughtful, committed supporters of the International Campaign for Tibet. By making a gift of a portion of their estates to ICT, Mandala Society members are making a real difference for Tibetans long into the future.

The mandala is a circle or wheel symbolizing an enlightened being’s compassion and love for sentient beings. It is often represented by a sand painting dedicated to peace and physical balance, both for the individual and for the world.

In the Tibetan context, the sand mandala is created as an expression of impermanence and non-attachment. After it is constructed, the mandala is ritualistically dismantled and the sand is carried to a river, where it is returned for the future benefit of all life.

Mandala Society members are giving a special commitment to helping future generations of Tibetans by guaranteeing that ICT remains strong. Their gifts to ICT will help ensure that we will save Tibet by having the resources to promote a peaceful resolution of the occupation of Tibet through a negotiated solution. And in the event that Tibetans achieve meaningful autonomy, ICT will help rebuild Tibet, foster new leadership and act as a critical link to the U.S. Government.

Our work will be a foundation for future generations of Tibetans.

As part of ICT’s Mandala Society, you will join an intimate group in our family of Tibet supporters, and we will keep you informed and involved through:

  • Invitations to ICT’s Executive briefings;
  • Priority invitations to ICT and other Tibet events around the country, including events such as Tibetan talks and teachings, art exhibits, lectures, and book signings;
  • Complimentary subscription to ICT’s member newsletter, the “Tibet Press Watch”;
  • Special updates from ICT leadership about ICT’s work and news from inside Tibet;
  • Priority access to new ICT publications, special reports, and DVDs.

For more information . . .

Contact us to find out more or call us at 202-785-1515 extension 246.