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1. New ICT Report: “Has Life Here Always Been Like This?”
2. European Parliament’s Tibet Intergroup marks its 100th meeting with strong statements and a message from the Dalai Lama
3. ICT’s campaign “2014 for Tibet” launched
4. Demonstration in Brussels to mark Tibet’s Uprising Day anniversary
5. European economic and social committee visits Dharamsala for 10 March celebrations
6. Spanish Parliament split over legal reform to limit universal jurisdiction law after Chinese pressure
7. UN Human Rights Council adopts China’s UPR working group report amid Chinese attempts to block the council’s work
8. President Xi Jinping’s tour of Europe marked by protests
9. New regulations in Tibet to criminalise self-immolations by targeting family, villagers and monasteries
10. U.S. President Obama meets with the Dalai Lama
11. Political prisoner focus
12. VIDEO suggestion
13. Upcoming events