A listing of the top news developments in and around Tibet during the previous week.


Call to action: ICT launches 2016 presidential campaign action

White House
Right now you have a great opportunity to put Tibet on the national stage. As the candidates campaign throughout the country and meet with voters in a variety of venues, Tibet supporters can ask the future U.S. President to take a stand on Tibet. At rallies and speeches, signs and banners you can print at home can draw attention to the Tibet issue. See our materials on our campaign page here!

Members of Congress Urge Secretary Kerry to Raise Cases of Tibetan Political Prisoners with Chinese Government

Congressional letter

The beginning of the letter to Secretary Kerry. Read the rest here.

As President Barack Obama met with Chinese President Xi Jinping in Washington DC earlier this week, 11 Members of Congress sent a bipartisan letter to Secretary of State Kerry urging him to raise the cases of three Tibetan political prisoners — Khenpo Karma Tsewang (also known as Khenpo Kartse), Lobsang Kunchok, and Thabkhe Gyatso—with the Chinese government.

The letter urged the United States “to raise their cases with the Chinese government, make every effort to obtain information about their whereabouts and health status, press for necessary medical treatment, and prioritize their release.”

Breaking: Shooting in Serthar, Tibet

shooting Serthar
News of a shooting in Serthar, eastern Tibet, is still emerging: no Tibetans appear to have been killed, but two were injured when police opened fire following an incident over stolen yaks. Gruesome images of the wounds are circulating on social media. ICT will report on the incident as more information becomes available. For now, please see this RFA report for more details.

Chinese Communist Party leader Xi Jinping followed by demonstrations in Czech Republic and United States

Local Tibetan communities and Tibet supporters mobilized in Prague and Washington DC to protest against Xi Jinping. In the US groups of Chinese democracy activists and Uyghurs joined the demonstrations- see pictures from below.
Xi Jinping protest
Xi Jinping protest
Xi Jinping protest