A listing of the top news developments in and around Tibet during the previous week.


Dalai Lama shares Tibetan New Year (Losar) greetings

Speaking from Rochester in Minnesota where he is undergoing treatment, the Dalai Lama offers Losar (New Year) greetings to Tibetans, both in Tibet and in exile, as well as non-Tibetan friends and well-wishers. He also explains that his treatment is proceeding well and that it is also giving him an opportunity to rest. He thanks people for their prayers and good wishes:

Senator Marco Rubio becomes the first US presidential candidate to respond to ICT’s 2016 Tibet questionnaire

Republican Marco Rubio is the first among those contending to be US presidential candidates for this November’s elections to respond to ICT’s questionnaire. In his response Rubio touches on the issue of the Dalai Lama’s reincarnation and dialogue on Tibet (how he will “elevate it in bilateral relations with the PRC.”).

Please help get responses from the other candidates by clicking here, sending the questionnaire to the campaigns, and sharing the link.

Clampdown on Dalai Lama portraits in Tibet

A picture of the Dalai Lama on display in a monastery in northern Tibet.

A picture of the Dalai Lama on display in a monastery in northern Tibet.

Chinese authorities in Draggo County in eastern Tibet announced their intention to confiscate pictures of the Dalai Lama last month, and laid out a February 2 deadline, noting that up to 40% of the shops in the area were openly displaying his image. Chinese scholars linked to the Party later spurred outrage by comparing pictures of the Dalai Lama to pornographic materials and pictures of Saddam Hussein.

Kickstarter: “Out of Tibet”

After spending ten years documenting Tibetan refugees across the world, writer/photographer Albertina d’Urso is raising money to publish a book and traveling exhibition showing how Tibetan culture is being protected in the diaspora. She’s trying to raise $16,314 by February 27th and is getting very close now- click here to see her appeal for support!