The Dharamsala-based Tibetan Medical and Astro. Institute (TMAI) has opened its first clinic in the United States in Spring Green, WI.

The clinic, whose resident physician is Dr. Tenzin Dakpa, is open from Tuesdays to Saturdays and provides treatment using nutritional supplements and recommendations for dietary and behavioral changes. Patients can get the necessary supplements from the clinic itself.

The Tibetan art of healing has become increasingly popular in the West. MSNBC did an hour-long documentary a year ago following the progress of some patients with chronic illness who were undergoing the alternative Tibetan treatment.

The TMAI clinic came about through the efforts of Marion Nelson, who was a patient herself. She suffered from a neurological illness and was told by doctors that she would not be able to do anything and would be confined to a wheelchair. Having undergone Tibetan medical treatment since 1978, Marion says she has improved greatly: “I would not be alive today had it not been for Tibetan medicine.” Marion says she realized that she should do something to spread the knowledge of this type of healing system.

Dr. Tenzin Dakpa arrived at the clinic in May this year and has since been offering consultations and giving talks on Tibetan medicine. Dr. Dakpa graduated from TMAI college of medicine in 1991. He has practised in India and Nepal and has also taught at the Medical College. He has co-authored medical texts, including “The Fundamentals of Tibetan Medicine.”

The clinic is currently located in the Mahayana Dharma Center complex at 6593 Clyde Road, Spring Green, WI (53588).