WoeserTibetan writer Woeser, whose books have been banned in China and Tibet and whose blogs have been closed by the Chinese Government, is using the medium of radio to convey her thoughts.

According to an announcement on Radio Free Asia’s website, starting from January 6, 2007, its Tibetan service will carry a new program called “Woeser’s Forum” at 7:00 am and 9:00 am (Tibet time) every Saturday. The program will include Tibetan translation of exclusive writings (in Chinese) by Woeser for RFA on Tibetan religion, culture, economy, politics, etc.

Woeser is a popular Tibetan writer. Her writings include a book of poems, Tibet Notes, and two books on the Cultural Revolution. Some English translation of her writings can be seen on www.tibetwrites.org.

Following the closure of her blogs in July 2006, Woeser had said she would continue speaking out to raise awareness about Tibet in China. In an interview given to RFA in August 2006, Woeser said, “Though my blogs are shut down, they cannot stop my speech and my writing.”

“I will be writing and speaking. Since I am writing in Chinese, I want to make more people know reality of Tibetan culture, history, and traditions. I especially want the Chinese people to learn the truth about Tibetan history, culture, religion, and traditions,” Woeser added.

“I am a writer. One of the main ethics of a good writer is to present the truth. A good writer cannot be a liar. To tell the truth is the core of a good writing; it is the most important quality of a writer,” Woeser said.

The media watchdog Reporters Without Borders said on July 31, 2006, “We are appalled by the closure of Woeser’s blogs and we call for them to be reopened.”

“We again appeal to the Chinese authorities to respect freedom of expression, a right guaranteed under their constitution,” it added.