Tibetans in Washington, DC and Charlottesville along with several supporters, including Americans and Uyghurs, marched through Washington, DC’s Embassy Row, the area where most of the embassies are located in continuation of their rallies to express solidarity with the Tibetans in Tibet and to call for international support. Many diplomats came out to accept flyers about the developments in Tibet.

The march, organized by the Capital Area Tibetan Association, began in Dupont Circle and went up Massachusetts Ave, passing by embassies of Korea, Japan, India and others. They shouted slogans like “Stop the shootings in Tibet; stop the killings in Tibet; Shame on China.” They also passed by the Nepalese Embassy where some of the demonstrators shouted slogans like “Shame on Nepal; stop the killings in Tibet.” The Nepalese police have been using force to deny the Tibetans in Nepal the freedom to peacefully express their feelings at the developments in Tibet.

The rally stopped at the Chinese Embassy and there were prayers for the many Tibetans killed in Tibet during the current round of demonstrations. Slogans against China’s occupation of Tibet and the ill treatment were raised. The marchers sang the Tibetan national anthem and the Uprising song.

Tibetans and Tibet supporters in the Washington, DC area as well as from Baltimore and Charlottesville have been holding vigils and rallies since March 14. On Sunday, secrete service officials monitoring the rallies informed the demonstrators that they had found spray paintings with the words “Free Tibet” on the Chinese Embassy’s building. By the time the marchers reached the Embassy the paintings had been cleaned although marks were still visible.