Two Tibetans in their twenties set fire to themselves in a double self-immolation near a government building in Nagchu (Chinese: Naqu), Tibet Autonomous Region, on Thursday, October 25. The Tibetans have been named as Tsepo, 20, who died on the way to hospital and Tenzin, 25, who was taken away by government officials. It is not known if Tenzin is still alive, or his whereabouts. Some Tibetan sources reported that the Tibetans were cousins.

Both of them were from Bankar monastery and Bankar village in Driru (Chinese: Briru) in Nagchu.

The self-immolations came in a week in which four Tibetans set fire to themselves and died in Sangchu (Chinese: Xiahe) area of Gansu. (ICT report, Self-immolation of Tibetan nomad in twenties in restive area of Amchok)