RFAPublished online October 9, 2013 by Radio Free Asia.
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By Richard Finney

The U.N. Human Rights Council may be criticized as ineffective by some but remains a useful forum to hold China accountable for alleged rights violations in Tibet, experts say as Beijing eyes a seat this year in the Geneva-based forum.

Reports from inside Tibet and from Tibetan-populated counties of Chinese provinces regularly cite cases of Chinese security forces firing on unarmed Tibetans protesting Beijing’s rule, of the beating and torture of Tibetan prisoners, and of other abuses.

Just this week, Chinese troops were accused of opening fire on a crowd of Tibetans demanding the release of a villager who had led protests against orders to fly the Chinese flag from their homes in the Tibet Autonomous Region’s Driru (in Chinese, Biru) county, wounding about 60 of them.

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