The United Nations’ second preparatory committee for the World Summit on Sustainable Development is expected to vote on the International Campaign for Tibet’s accreditation at 10:00am (Eastern time) on Friday, February 8, 2002.

According to UN sources, despite consultations among governments there has been no resolution on the issue since China objected to ICT’s accreditation.

ICT was among 171 NGOs who were recommended by the Summit Secretariat for accreditation in the UN document E/CN.17/2002/PC.2/16.

The second preparatory committee (Prepcom II) began at the UN in New York on January 28 and will conclude on February 8. A vote in ICT’s favor on February 8 would mean that ICT would be able to participate in future Prepcoms as well as the summit scheduled in Johannesburg in August this year.

“A favorable vote for ICT would also be an indication that China cannot have its way in international forum without considering international opinion,” said Bhuchung Tsering, Director of ICT.

“China’s objection to ICT is based on politics rather than merits of the case,” Tsering continued.

The Chinese have launched an aggressive campaign, including telephone calls to missions of member nations in New York urging them not to support ICT.

ICT has written to the missions explaining why it merits accreditation.