A resolution calling for the immediate release of all Tibetan political prisoners, including Tenzin Delek Rinpoche, has been introduced in the US Senate on May 19, 2004 by Senator Sam Brownback (KS). It has now been referred to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

The Resolution, S. Res. 365, currently has Senator Jeff Bingaman (NM) as a co-sponsor. It says the “Government of the People’s Republic of China is in violation of international human rights standards by detaining and mistreating Tibetans who engage in peaceful activities to protest China’s occupation of Tibet or promote the preservation of a distinct Tibetan identity.”

Introducing the resolution on May 19, 2004, Senator Brownback said, “For more than 50 years the Tibetan people have struggled to preserve their 1,000 year old sovereign national identity. The Chinese occupation that began in 1949 brought with it the subjugation of the Tibetan people at the hand of the People’s Liberation Army, destruction of thousands of monasteries and shrines, a prohibition against practicing the Buddhist faith and Chinese migration–all aimed at destroying Tibetan culture, language and religion. The United States must confront continued Chinese repression of the practice of all faiths in China, and this resolution does exactly that.”

“Mr. President, I hope my colleagues will join me in cosponsoring this resolution,” Senator Brownback added.

NOTE – this legislation was passed on December 7, 2004 as Resolution 483. You can find the full text of the resolution here.