Tibet License PlateThe Commonwealth of Virginia has authorized the creation of the United State’s first Tibetan special license plate for motor vehicles. The colorful design for the new plate incorporates the rising sun and white peaks symbols of Tibet familiar to many from the bumper stickers seen on cars from California to Maine.

As the designated sponsor of this new license plate, the Conservancy for Tibetan Art and Culture (CTAC) is now collecting the initial applications for the first edition of these plates.

The Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) will print these new plates after receiving a minimum of 350 required applications from CTAC. The DMV will then process the collected applications and send the new Friends of Tibet plates directly to the applicants.

Virginia is home to a small Tibetan community and friends of Tibet. Like other immigrants, Virginia’s Tibetans have worked hard for success in their adopted land — and they are quick to defend America. Local Tibetans organized the first of many prayer vigils on the National Mall immediately following the September 11 attacks in New York and here in Arlington.

“They stepped forward in our time of need. I’d like to think we can do the same for them,” said Sen. Patsy Ticer (D), who sponsored the legislation authorizing the Friends of Tibet license plate in Virginia’s Senate. Sen. Ticer’s district is home to many of Northern Virginia’s Tibetan families, as is the district of Del. Brian Moran (D), the bill’s co-sponsor in the House of Delegates.

The legislation (SB1230) authorizing the “Friends of Tibet” license plate makes it one of a series of special “revenue sharing” license plates issued by the state of Virginia, which allows some of the extra revenue generated by sales of the plates to be used by a Virginia-based non-profit organization, the Conservancy for Tibetan Art and Culture, for the benefit of the Tibetan refugees.

Get the plate

Download and complete the DMV application form
Send your check for the annual fee made payable to “Conservancy for Tibetan Art and Culture” to:
Conservancy for Tibetan Art and Culture
PO Box 6598
McLean, VA 22106

Make sure to provide all the necessary information: your name, address, etc., as well as your car’s vehicle identification number, title number, current plate number – and indicate your choice for a personalized plate ($35) or simply the next available number ($25) along with a check to CTAC for that amount.

Get the plate for your state

Call the Conservancy for Tibetan Art and Culture at 703.755.1533 or visit www.tibetanculture.org for information about creating a Friends of Tibet license plate in your own state.

Get the souvenir plate

You can get your own Friend of Tibet souvenir plate for just $10 (or $20 for a personalized plate). Just check off “Souvenir plate” on the DMV form and return it to CTAC along with your check.