The Tibetan “singing nuns” [Amsterdam, Netherlands]

A group of 14 Tibetan Buddhist nuns charged with counterrevolutionary crimes and imprisoned in Lhasa’s notorious Drapchi prison had their sentences increased for recording songs that praised the Dalai Lama and called for Tibetan freedom. ICT pursued an international release campaign on their behalves. Two were paroled early after strenuous efforts by governments, and handed over to the care of ICT. Now all live in freedom. In this photo, six of the nuns appear at an ICT event in Amsterdam. They are from left to right: Lhundrup Zangmo, imprisoned for 9 years; Phuntsok Nyidron, imprisoned for 15 years; Rinzin Choenyi, imprisoned for 12 years; Ngawang Sangdrol, first imprisoned at age 13 and released 13 years later; Gyaltsen Drolkar, imprisoned for 12 years; and Namdrol Lhamo, imprisoned for 12 years.