The International Campaign for Tibet works to promote human rights and democratic freedoms for the people of Tibet. The Chinese Outreach program was created to enhance the Chinese people’s knowledge and understanding of Tibet and to support freedom, democracy and human rights in China, Tibet, Taiwan and Hong Kong. It is designed to build understanding and trust between Tibetans and Chinese, and to explore future relationships between the peoples. The Program seeks to foster mutual understanding, tolerance for diversity, and inspiration from within for meaningful change in China and Tibet.

An ideal Intern will:

  • Be informed and enthusiastic about ICT’s mission;
  • Have good knowledge on the Tibet issue;
  • Have interest in the Sino-Tibet relationship;
  • Have excellent spoken and written Chinese language skills*;
  • Have a good grasp of either Tibetan or English language; and
  • Have good computer and internet research skills.

Intern’s work might entail:

  • Assisting Chinese Analyst with research and translation;
  • Proofreading quarterly Chinese language newsletter;
  • Coordinating addressing and mailing of the newsletters;
  • Updating mailing addresses; and
  • Aiding Chinese Outreach Department in college campus outreach.

*While spoken and written Chinese language skills are preferred, ICT will give consideration to promising candidates who are otherwise qualified for the position.

Interested candidates should send a cover letter, resume and two references via e-mail attention to Rinchen Tashi at or fax it to his attention at 202-785-4343. The internship is unpaid, but comes with a monthly travel stipend. Interns can arrange for college credit through their college or university.

Also please note that the final internship decisions are not made until the successful completion of a criminal background check.