Tibetan Youth Leadership Program

2003 Tibetan Youth Leadership Program participants at the European Parliament in Brussels.

Fifteen participants were selected from seven different countries for the first European Tibetan Youth Leadership Program held in Brussels, Belgium, from July 4-9, 2003. Designed for young Tibetans in Europe, this exciting program brought experts from around the world to encourage and train young Tibetans to take leadership positions within the Tibetan community.

The intensive four-day program consisted of workshops, discussions, and media and public-speaker training. Participants learned directly from experts in the fields of international law, Tibetan history and Tibet activism. They were exposed to important issues including the right to self-determination, non-violence, democracy and China’s perspective of Tibet. The program had a particular emphasis on effectively campaigning the European Union and the United Nations. Participants were also taught key campaigning techniques including public speaking, media relations and lobbying. English was the medium of instruction. The four-day program coincided with His Holiness’ 68th birthday celebrations.