Lodi Gyari and other ICT staff with the 2002 participants of the Tibetan Youth Leadership Program.

The International Campaign for Tibet (ICT) is pleased to launch an exclusive initiative that will select highly motivated Tibetan-American undergraduate and graduate students for a unique six- to eight-week summer internship placement in US Congressional offices in Washington, DC.

The Washington Internship Program for Tibetan-Americans (WIPTA) is part of ICT’s effort to empower the burgeoning Tibetan-American community by providing them with meaningful opportunities and exposure to the American political process and by fostering their civic engagement.

In light of the passing away of Lodi Gyari, former ICT President and Chair of the Board of Directors, ICT has chosen to honor his legacy by naming this program after him. Gyari, who died on Oct. 29, 2018, cared deeply about advocacy for Tibet and empowerment of the Tibetan people. Accordingly, the participants in WIPTA will be known as Lodi Gyari Fellows.

“The selected Lodi Gyari fellows will gain a comprehensive experience in the workings of the political system on Capitol Hill,” said Tencho Gyatso, coordinator of the program. “The Tibetan-American community population has reached a critical mass, and this program will help utilize their strength and enable them to play a positive role in the American political system,” Gyatso added.

Lodi Gyari Fellows will take part in a six- to eight-week summer internship program to experience American politics and public policy. They will gain a firsthand view of the policymaking and legislative process, as well as access to high-profile leaders in Washington, DC.

Selected candidates will be required to participate in WIPTA orientation and training programs, complete weekly journals and submit a program evaluation at the end of the internship.

The program provides each participant with round-trip airfare within the continental US and a stipend to cover housing and other expenses.

Detailed program eligibility and application information is available at https://savetibet.org.