The House Foreign Affairs Committee has announced that it will take up the Resolve Tibet Act for a vote on November 29.

HR.533 has received an amendment from House Foreign Affairs Committee Ranking Member Gregory Meeks, D-NY. The International Campaign for Tibet supports the modifications made to the bill and urges the House Foreign Affairs Committee to pass the bill without delay.

The text of the amended bill represents an important step forward for American support for the people of Tibet and is a sign of Congress’ enduring commitment to finding a peaceful resolution to the Tibet issue.

“The Resolve Tibet Act sends a clear message to Beijing that the only way forward is through dialogue,” International Campaign for Tibet President Tencho Gyatso said. “I would like to thank Rep. Jim McGovern, Chairman Michael McCaul and Ranking Member Gregory Meeks for their tireless work in advancing this bill and this cause. ICT looks forward to seeing the Resolve Tibet Act passed through the committee.”