The International Campaign for Tibet is pleased to announce that the Rowell Fund for Tibet’s Board of Advisors has decided to award the annual Rowell Fund grants for 2023 to six projects that deal with the environment, community health engagement, education, photography and visual arts.

This Board has chosen to award partial funding in the amount of $25,000 to six applicants toward the fulfillment of their projects. Altogether the fund received 48 applications for this grant cycle.

The Cushman family, who are members of the Rowell Fund Board of Advisors, said, “It is so heartwarming to see so many wonderful applicants as we mark nearly 20 years honoring the legacy of Barbara and Galen Rowell and the beginning of this amazing project. As we congratulate this year’s grantees, we would also like to thank the many applicants who have participated over these many years.”

ICT congratulates this year’s finalists and thanks all the applicants for their grant applications and contributions in their respective fields. The grants funding is made possible through the support of ICT members’ contributions.

This year’s grants include one confidential project and five diverse projects, including new and repeat grantees, showing the Board’s continued commitment to sustaining programs that benefit the greater Tibetan community both in Tibet and in exile.

The grants are in memory of lifelong Tibet supporters Galen and Barbara Rowell, who died in a plane crash in 2002. As avid mountaineers and outdoor photographers, Galen and Barbara Rowell helped bring Tibet and the Himalayas into the public eye. Their fund continues this legacy, providing small grants to Tibetan writers, academics, photographers and conservationists.


This year’s public grant recipients are:

  • The Library of Tibetan Works and Archives for digitizing photo archives of the First Fact Finding mission to Tibet
  • Drokmo for sexual and reproductive health education
  • A public library project in the Tibetan settlement of Bylakuppe
  • Waste management and organic farming program at Rato monastery in Mundgod
  • A project of artist collaboration to raise awareness for environment and universal responsibility

Rowell Fund for Tibet

The Advisory Board of the Rowell Fund includes: John Ackerly, David Breashears, Bob and Beth Cushman, Grace Cushman, John Jancik, Terri Baker, Bob Palais, and Forrest Ryan. The Fund is managed by the International Campaign for Tibet.

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