The Rowell Fund for Tibet’s board of advisors has decided to award $24,775 in grants to support seven distinctive projects. These initiatives encompass a range of critical themes, including literature and journalism, women empowerment programs and cultural preservation through mediums such as film, architecture, and visual arts.

Each project will receive $2,000 to $5,775. The fund received 49 applications from Tibetans outside for this grant cycle.

This year marks 20 years of the Rowell Fund. The fund, which is managed by the International Campaign for Tibet, was established in memory of lifelong Tibet supporters Galen and Barbara Rowell, who tragically passed in a plane crash in 2002. Since 2004, the fund has granted over $700,000 to support projects both inside and outside of Tibet.

“In the last two decades, the Rowell Fund Board of Advisors has helped raise or donate about half a million dollars, with ICT contributing the rest,” said John Ackerly, member of the board of advisors of the Rowell Fund for Tibet. “This targeted investment in young Tibetan leaders has been a hallmark of the Rowell Fund, and we are pleased that this year, five of the seven recipients are women,” said Ackerly.

As avid mountaineers and outdoor photographers, Galen and Barbara Rowell helped bring Tibet and the Himalayas into the public eye. The fund continues this legacy, providing small grants to Tibetan writers, academics, photographers and conservationists.

Learn more about Galen and Barbara Rowell and the Rowell Fund for Tibet.

This year’s grants awarded by the board are:

  1. Opening Doors to Justice: A Legal Empowerment Programme for Tibetan Women in India
    Recipient: Jamyang Lhamo
    Location: India
    Description: This project aims to empower Tibetan women with a focus on legal education and training. It plans to establish a group of community advocates and pilot a ‘Women’s Court’ as a platform for resolving legal disputes through mediation and offering essential support.
  2. Hopes and Anxieties of the Tibetan People Around the Dalai Lama’s Reincarnation
    Recipient: Tenzin D. Tsagong
    Location: USA
    Description: A written piece that explores the significance of the continuation of the Dalai Lama institution versus forging a new identity outside of it, raising critical questions about redefining identity, navigating political structures in exile, and the challenges of addressing constitutional frameworks in a changing landscape.
  3. Dharamsala Film Project (On Post Production)
    Recipient: Tenzin Dasel
    Location: India
    Description: Post-production on film, “Dharamsala”, which explores themes of identity, reconciliation, and the journey to find individual truth within a community in transition.
  4. Empowering Women’s Health: Enhancing Awareness and Access in the Tibetan Community
    Recipient: Dr. Kunchok Dolma J.
    Location: India
    Description: An initiative aiming to raise awareness about women’s health through campaigns and workshops, and improve access to gynecological care by organizing regular health camps and establishing networks with healthcare facilities.
  5. Documentation of Tibetan Vernacular Architecture and Construction Methods
    Recipient: Jamphel Dhondup
    Location: India
    Description: This project aims to document the intricate craftsmanship and traditional knowledge of Tibetan vernacular architecture passed down through generations to highlight the contemporary relevance of this art practice.
  6. Tibetan Women Writers in Exile and Their Works
    Recipient: Kunsang Dolma
    Location: India
    Description: This project seeks to conduct a comparative analysis between the literary works of women writers in Tibet and outside of Tibet from the last century to the present. The study will highlight the broader discourse on women’s role in writing, while delving into the cultural and ideological contexts that shape their narratives.
  7. 2nd Khadhok Arts Exhibition
    Recipient: Tashi Nyima
    Location: India
    Description: Project focused on a second visual arts exhibition in India aiming to showcase the works of twenty Tibetan artists in various artistic mediums.

ICT and the Rowell Fund for Tibet wish to congratulate this year’s grant recipients.

The advisory board, made up of friends and family of Galen and Barbara, consists of John Ackerly, Conrad Anker, David Breashears, Bob and Beth Cushman, John Jancik, Terri Baker, Bob Palais, Forrest Ryan and Grace Cushman.

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