Iron HareDharamsala, India, September 12, 2012. The Dharamsala-based Dhomay Alliance for Freedom and Justice have today released a new report on the self-immolations in Tibet, available for download here »

The report, “Iron Hare 2011 – Flames of Resistance,” is an account of the Tibetan self-immolations based on first-hand testimony about the self-immolations as reported by monks from the Kirti monastery in Dharamsala, affiliated with Kirti monastery in Ngaba in eastern Tibet. “Iron Hare 2011 – Flames of Resistance” is translated and edited by Matthew Akester.

The Dhomay Alliance for Freedom and Justice is led by Kirti monks in Dharamsala, who have played a critical role in reporting the Tibetan self-immolations to the outside world, working with officials from the Central Tibetan Administration in Dharamsala, writers, and other monks. Beginning with the young monk Tapey who set fire to himself in February 2009, 10 of the 51 self-immolations to date were monks at Kirti in Ngaba, and 10 were former monks at Kirti in Ngaba.

The International Campaign for Tibet has been significantly reliant upon the valuable work of the Kirti monks in Dharamsala and other sources from Amdo and welcomes the publication of this important report.