The Dalai Lama’s Four Commitments: a Tibet Talks Special Series

As a human being, the Dalai Lama is concerned about finding ways to promote human values like compassion, forgiveness, tolerance, contentment and self-discipline. He wants people to know that if their minds are upset, mere physical comfort will not bring them peace. But if their minds are at peace, even physical pain will not disturb their calm. He emphasizes that all human beings are the same, wanting happiness and not suffering, and all can benefit by incorporating such human values into their lives. He refers to these values as secular ethics or universal values.

In our first episode on His Holiness’ Four Principal Commitments, we’ll discuss his commitment to human values with Dr. Richie Davidson, a neuro-scientist known for his groundbreaking work in the study of emotion and the brain. Dr. Davidson is a University of Wisconsin–Madison professor and the founder of the Center for Healthy Minds. After meeting His Holiness in 1992, Dr. Davidson started focusing his research and work toward studying kindness and compassion.

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