Marco Rubio

Marco Rubio

Republican Marco Rubio is the first among those contending to be US presidential candidates for this November’s elections to respond to ICT’s questionnaire. In his response Rubio touches on the issue of the Dalai Lama’s reincarnation and dialogue on Tibet (how he will “elevate it in bilateral relations with the PRC.”).

View the questionnaire and Rubio’s responses here.

As a service to our members, the Tibetan-American community and American Tibet supporters, we are asking the candidates in the 2016 US presidential race to describe their positions on Tibet, the Dalai Lama, human rights, and relations with China.

As a non-partisan, non-profit organization, ICT does not endorse candidates for political office or take part in campaigns. However, the candidates’ responses will help inform our members and others on where the candidates stand on this issue of great concern to them.

We will be making the responses from the other candidates available to the general public through our website ( as and when we receive them.​