The Tibetan community is at a crucial time in its history. There is increasing awareness in the West about the Tibetan freedom movement and a real possibility for major victories towards fulfilling the hopes of millions of Tibetans. It is for this reason that the International Campaign for Tibet annually invited young Tibetans in the United States and Europe to apply for a unique week-long leadership training.

This program aimed to nurture youth leaders who will not only become the leaders of the Tibetan community in the future, but who will also act now to convert their energy and convictions about issues affecting Tibet into a powerful force for activism and change. Through workshops, discussions, and hands-on activities, participants were taught the art of leadership. The training was specifically geared to meet the need of the Tibetan community for a core group of young, articulate Tibetan leaders. ICT provided travel expenses as well as arranged for accommodation and food during the training period.

This was a great opportunity for eager young Tibetans interested in getting involved in the Tibet movement. The program instilled in its participants the knowledge and confidence required for leadership roles. Participants learned the skills and tools required to become a successful youth organizer, including crucial media and communication skills. Participants heard from distinguished guest speakers who covered issues such as lobbying tactics in context of politics. They also visited governmental offices and often met with officials or their staff. Beyond individual leadership training, the program provided enthusiastic young Tibetans the opportunity to establish relationships with, and learn from other young Tibetans.

ICT began holding the Tibetan Youth Leadership Program program in 2001. Click on the links to read about the program below.