For ages, Indians saw the Himalayas as a wall that protected them. But when China’s Communist army invaded Tibet over 70 years ago, an Indian diplomat said, “The Chinese have entered Tibet. The Himalayas no longer exist.” From that, Indian former Ambassador Nirupama Rao drew the title of her book, “The Fractured Himalaya: India, Tibet, China 1949-62.” The book untangles the complex early years of the India-China relationship, with the still-unresolved issue of Tibet closely woven in.

In this Tibet Talk, Rao—who served as India’s Ambassador to China, Foreign Secretary and Ambassador to the United States—speaks to ICT Board Member Ellen Bork about why Indians have an “enormous emotional attachment” to Tibet, what China’s control of Tibet has meant for India’s security, and how the Indian government can push for a resumption of dialogue between Chinese and Tibetan leaders.

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