The International Campaign for Tibet welcomes the recognition of the ongoing human rights crisis in Tibet and the need for unfettered access to Tibet in the new communique from the Group of Seven’s foreign ministers.

Following a three-day summit under German presidency, the G7 foreign ministers issued a communique on May 14, 2022 saying, “We remain deeply concerned by the human rights situation in China, particularly in Xinjiang and Tibet.” They added, “we urge China to fully respect human rights.”

The foreign ministers also insisted that Chinese authorities “allow immediate, meaningful and unfettered access to Xinjiang and Tibet for independent observers, including the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights and her potential visit to China.”

Bhuchung Tsering, Interim President of ICT, said: “Tibet is one of the least accessible regions in the world for foreign visitors, including diplomats, journalists and independent observers. Its complete isolation is part of the Chinese government’s strategy to oppress the Tibetan people by denying international scrutiny of the Communist Party’s violations of basic human rights.

“It is essential to Tibetans and to the global need for international accountability that leaders, and the G7 in particular, confront the on-the-ground reality in Tibet. Put simply, truth must be pursued rather than propaganda embraced.”

The G7 is composed of Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the United Kingdom and the United States of America, and the High Representative of the European Union as an observer.

UN High Commissioner visit

The communique comes against the backdrop of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet’s imminent visit to the People’s Republic of China. With the trip already controversial for Bachelet’s transparent lack of intention to demand access to the most oppressed and surveiled regions, the communique puts a magnifying glass on her pivotal choice to reject or embrace the CCP’s propaganda machine.

Tsering added, “We hope that the High Commissioner will take this communique as encouragement to press for independent and unfettered access to Tibet. The Chinese government‘s strategy to lock down Tibet must not be allowed to stand, and the Office of the High Commissioner plays a crucial role in resisting the CCP’s refusals.”

Read the G7 Foreign Ministers’ communique.